About Us

Founded in 2005 and with over 75 years of combined experience, L2Contracting Inc. has established itself as one of the premier general contracting firms in the southern Ontario region. Our strong focus is on commercial, multi-family residential, educational and senior living projects. We are proud of our part in developing some of the region’s most notable public and privately-owned buildings and especially our commitment to the health and welfare of the people who use them.



This is a vital part of every project manager. Managing employees, scheduling contractors and sub-trades, and dealing with suppliers all require tactful negotiation abilities. In fact, the success and quality of the project is in no small amount directly affected by negotiation skills.


The right project manager knows how to delegate priorities amongst all stakeholders vying for his attention as well as other scarce resources. In this area the project manager must be first and foremost a good leader who can sort out problems between the different skill areas and build favourable compromises.


The client is a partner in the project and our project managers know this. They are given every consideration during the process.


As every decision, either directly or indirectly, depends on financial resources, this is the lifeblood. A good project manager needs to have a process for finances, staff delegation and equipment as it relates to the bottom-line.

L2Contracting Inc. can provide the best in project management.