Design & Build

Every month we see in the news where project delays have caused layoffs or financial failures within a company; delays that have been caused by inaction on a few simple items. Not only is this upsetting but also avoidable.

When a new facility is being proposed, there are a myriad of concerns that must be identified and planned for well in advance to avoid issues. Unfortunately, many projects are assembled without going through specific planning criteria resulting in inefficient utilization of time and cost overruns.

At L2Contracting Inc. we make planning an integral part of the process before taking on the responsibility of design, permit acquisition, building schedule and sub-trade commitments. We feel that timing is crucial, and we divert all our efforts to coordinate a timetable where all individual building and servicing projects come together on schedule and on budget. This expedites the turnover rate and allows for continuation of building operations. We ensure that each project is stress-free and a memorable journey for our clients.


High degree of integration is the mantra for L2Contracting Inc. as it avoids the confusion that can lead to lost time and resources. Our ability to prioritize clients’ concerns to become operational is one of the most important aims alongside safety and cost consciousness that promotes our continual success.


In any project, large or small, there are always situations that can arise on the job site as well as unforeseen circumstances on the client’s part that may have to be handled rather quickly and decisively. It can be extremely frustrating when important information is omitted and later brought to attention midway through a project. To avoid such issues, an experienced project manager is assigned to the project and brought on-board from the beginning to identified, review and provide guidance to our clients from start to finish.

This flexibility and instant access is part of our success as we view our clients as part of the team.


Gone are the days when the designer sat in a tower and tossed down orders on a need-to-know basis. At L2Contracting Inc. we constantly strive to improve our building methods and invite our clients to join our process of creating new and exciting possibilities. We want to be able to look at our completed projects and be content in the fact that they are the best designed and best built structures in the area, ones which need minimal maintenance.