Maintenance & Repair

At L2Contracting Inc. our experienced staff can design and implement both a maintenance and repair schedule that offer superior services carried out by the most capable operators in the field. We know full well that costly repairs can both affect, and even tarnish, the bottom line of your business. Work stoppages and wasted time due to ineffectual time management and misuse of readily-available resources is not only bad for business but also hard on morale.

Therefore, is it crucial to study the maintenance requirements of your operation first-hand and put together a practical, efficient and affordable program that will eliminate costly breakdowns and other delays from a lack of an action plan.

What Needs to be Maintained?

In a broad sense: everything. Each component of a building or facility, although a separate entity, works together with the rest of the areas toward the common goal of the business. In effect, it is like the human body. This includes the general maintenance of the building, interior walls and foundation, exterior walls, roof or roofs, interior and exterior stairs, windows and window casings, doors and door frames, balconies, porch areas, decks, and landings.

We Got You Covered

In addition, the coverings and protective coatings will be part of the administration such as decorative and protective finishes of all surfaces, both interior and exterior, such as stucco, roofing and siding.

Our expertise in HVAC, electrical and plumbing maintenance means that any existing heating, cooling and water issues will be assessed and repaired before any program goes into place. Once the systems have been normalized then a schedule of preventative maintenance is put in place.